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ssh into NAS /share/Container\_Data/Filebrowser/Filebrowser
Below we put in the root of the files you want shared. This can be anything that can be seen on the NAS such as a share. /share/Files /share/Movies etc. The higher you go the more you are sharing. I've used /share/Movies as an example that will share my Movie Files
docker-compose.yaml version: '3' services: filebrowser: image: filebrowser/filebrowser:latest container_name: fb_movies networks: default: ipv4_address: user: 1000:1000 ports: - 80:80 volumes: - /share/Movies/:/srv - ./data/filebrowser.db:/database.db - ./data/settings.json:/config/settings.json restart: always security_opt: - no-new-privileges=true deploy: resources: limits: cpus: '4.0' memory: 4G networks: default: name: dockerlan external: true
mkdir data touch data/filebrowser.db
nano data/settings.json { "port": 80, "baseURL": "", "address": "", "log": "stdout", "database": "/database.db", "root": "/srv" }
docker-compose up -d On browser Username and password is admin Change Admin password to something large Add new user for normal use who isn't admin Goto settings Tick set exact date format and Save Update permissions to Download only On to Router. Add On to NPM forward to .55 with Cert